Mihov Image Resizer

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Why resize images and photos?

Inexperienced people often ask me why they should resize images, so I pun an answer here as well.
The best reason to resize images is to reduce the size of the image (usually people want to reduce byte size, sometimes also pixel size). Modern cameras take photos as big as several megabytes. If you want to send several photos over e-mail, then you have a problem, which is usually solved by sending more than one mail. If you resize the images, then the image has a reduced byte size (and also pixel size), but you can send many, many more in an e-mail. You loose pixel size, but how many people you know that has a display size of 3000 x 2000 pixels? None, I'm sure.

The tool I suggest for image resizing is Mihov Image Resizer, because unlike other similar programs it resizes several photos at once - one click and you're done. And yes, it's free.