Mihov Image Resizer

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You can download Mihov Image Resizer from the link below.

The file you are downloading is named ir.exe and has the size of less than 600 kilobytes. The file also includes install and unininstall features.

You are downloading version 1.2.

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If you experience any trouble downloading the file it is probably because of your download manager. Turn it off and try again.

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Need superior functionalities?

If the free Mihov Image Resizer is not enough for your needs, I suggest you try BatchPhoto created by my friend. It can do much more with your photos, including resizing, adding watermarks (text and/or logos), cropping, adding effects like Sephia, re-touching and more. It can also rename all the photos to suit your cataloging needs.
BatchPhoto also works in batch mode, which means that once you choose the settings you're ready to enhance all your photos with one click!

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