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Welcome to the short English version of my home page (Slovenian version is also available - it is better!!). I am surprised, that you ended up on this side of the Web, but I am hoping that it was not coincidence that brought you here. I don't expect you to like my page (it would be nice though), I expect a reaction from you. Any kind of reaction. If you like it - it's OK, if you don't - that's OK, too. I am sure you will leave this page in a few minutes - I advise you to enjoy it while it lasts. And don't forget my prime advice: Be a happy person!!! Make people laugh!!! Keep smiling!!!

I am a happy person. My name is Miha Psenica and I am 45 years old (OMG, 26 years has already passed since I created this website and this text!). I am not very young anymore, but I have a lot more to learn about life. I live in a town called Ljubljana, which is in Slovenia. Slovenia is a country in Central Europe. I was born in August 1976 - at once I had an older half sister and an older half brother, who I like a lot. Since then I went to a primary and secondary school, graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana and have finished my post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in the field of Business Informatics. I worked full time as a Project manager for a major Slovenian IT company and have managed an United Nations Public Service Awards 2009 winner project. Since then I started my own web development company, neatly named Mihov.com after my free software collection.

This is a part, where you should get to know me better. However, it is hard for me to write down my interests, since there are not many. Sure, I like good jokes and friendly people, a good TV series or a good movie, I love to travel, I like experimenting with my computers or playing cards - but I am not getting richer or healthier doing this. My "healthy" interests are roller blading, playing badminton, riding my bike, going to a theater, playing table tennis, swimming, programing and a few others. Not interesting.

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By now you should realize that I don't like pages, that load slow. I know how to create a page with a lot of graphics that loads slow, I'm just not fond of them. Yellow is not my favorite color. Red is not my favorite color. Blue is not my favorite color.

Miha Psenica, August 2015