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Miha's utilitiesWelcome to the web site that brings its happy visitors freeware programs for work and fun for more than ten years now! I have started publishing my freeware programs back in 1997. At that time I didn't know what freeware is and what it means. I just knew that some people are interested in what I do. At first those were my friends, but soon I realized that it's simpler to just make a web site with the programs so anyone can just take them from there. I registered my first .com domain name, (in Slovenian that means 'of Miha' - so I'm basically saying that this .com is mine). Very soon I got requests from all over the world for new versions, new features, new ideas. I realized again that there is a community behind this, so I started to act a little more conscious, naming the program versions to avoid confusion, started to write history and what's new files, soon I created a forum where anyone can find what he or she's looking for or ask his/her own questions.
All the time I sort of found it right that my programs are available for free. Of course, why not? I still like the idea and I like using freeware programs more than programs with other licensing. And I like to support a good freeware author and award them for their work.

I have decided that now is the time it would be nice to get something back from the world. I am inputting into the freeware world since 1997, that is when I have uploaded my first freeware program to the internet and welcomed everyone to use it. Since then the number of programs that I have written has increased to over 10, the number of new versions over 50 and number of downloads over one million and a half!
I have created over 15 freeware programs that are quite popular with you, the user. In fact, I have noted more than 1,5 million downloads since I started measuring them! And my programs have been published and reviewed in several magazines worldwide. I'm collecting them, so if you have one extra, that's a great gift for me!
As you can see, I do my best to support the community. You can do it too! If you like my work, please award it with a small (or BIG) donation. I will be very thankful.

The easiest and safest way of donating is by PayPal. Click the button bellow and on a PayPal page enter the amount you'd like to send me.
If using web payments is a problem, you can send me the money (cash or check) to my address with snail mail:
Miha Psenica
Viska 67
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Or, you ca donate by credit card. Select the amount that you would like to donate from the list bellow and click the 'Continue' button. You will be transferred to a secure server in Great Britain, where you will enter your details and choose the method of payment.

If you can afford donating $5, please do it.

Thank you!

Miha Psenica, the author of Miha's utilities.

Thanks to the Poker Strategy Guide for supporting free software development.

I am the author of this fine freeware programs:
Mihov Image Resizer
Mihov Gallery Creator
Mihov DiskFree
Mihov Index Maker
Mihov CodeView
Mihov ASCII Master
Mihov Program No 14
Mihov Background Tester
Mihov Active 800x600
Mihov Info Saver
Mihov NSIS Helper
Mihov Link Checker
Mihov Blank Screen
Mihov DPI2Pixel Calculator
Mihov IP King
Mihov Website Merger
Mihov Picture Downloader

Download and use them for free!