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Page translated by: Miha Psenica
Program description translated by: Miha Psenica
Program translated by: Miha Psenica
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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 1.5
Date: 8.4.2012
Size: 198 kB
Downloads: 94.678
Category: Monitor Testing, Hardware
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

This program is used for basic testing of a computer monitor. It will not tell you, how good is a monitor, it will just tell you if it is really bad. This is done by some basic tests:
  • brightness
    Select ’Black’ from the menu. If the screen is not completely black and you can’t make it black by chnaging the monitor controls, than this is not a good sign.
  • quality
    If you want to see how much the monitor has been operating and how ’tired’ it is select ’White’ from the menu. The screen should be completety white. If you see any yellow or light blue regions than it will stop working soon.
  • Moire effect
    Select ’Gray’ from the menu and observe the screen for any patterns. There should be none.
  • storms
    Select ’Green’ to see if there are and ’storms’ on the screen. If the screen is still, than it is OK. If it is jumpy, than it is not.
  • size
    Select the ’Green-White Animation’ from the menu if you want to check if the display size stays the same when colors change fast. Observe the size of the display when the color changes. If the display region is bigger / smaller when the color changes it is not a good sign.
Users can select their own default colors to test the screen. The default screen color can also be selected and it will be used every time the program is started automatically.

Version 1.5 brings an option to show the border of the screen in a different color (inverted). This is useful to see if the screen position is accurate and is particulary useful with tablets.

If you don't want to see the welcome screen run the program like this:
BScreen.exe no_welcome
To Exit the program select the menu and click Exit or press Escape key when the program is running.

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Download Mihov Blank Screen bs.exe 198 kB Server offline
bs.zip 128 kB Server offline

bs.exe is a setup file that comes with install and uninstall support.
bs.zip is a zip archive file that needs no installation.


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