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Miha's utilities Translation Centre

Welcome to Miha's utilities translation centre!

The goal of Miha's utilities is to offer the programs to as many people as possible. I want to overcome language barriers, and offer program translations to as many languages as possible.

You can see the progress of translations on the page with translations of Miha's utilities.

If your language is missing or has only automated 'Translated by Google' translations please volunteer to translate the descriptions in your language! All you have to do is e-mail me with the language you want to translate to and I will send you the text to translate and include the text to the web site as soon as possible. The process is not automated, but it's fast.

Yes, I want to translate Miha's utilities web site!
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If you have any questions or suggestions about the translations please take a look at the Q&A Forum. I have created a special discussion there that is already available for all translating matters. I think I will answer the question faster if it is on the forum that if you write me a personal e-mail.

Thank you for all the good work!
I will mention your name in the 'Translations' on the translated web sites.

I wish you good luck,

Miha Psenica from Slovenia.

Details of how I do the translation integration
This part includes two tasks:
Even if the program user interface is not running in a specific language, a step-by-step instuctions and the description of a program can help the potential users use the program. It may even encourage them at learning new phrases or languages.

If you would like to help translate a description of a program or a template for a web site to your own language, please send me an e-mail. At the time there is no online application for doing this, maybe I will make it later. All translations will be done by e-mail. The process should be something like this:
  1. You send me an e-mail with your background info and the language you can translate to. Please also write if you're interested in translating a web site template (less than 30 lines of text) or if you want to translate a description of a program (usually 3 paragraphs or less). If so, write the name of the specific software that you want to translate.
  2. I reply to your e-mail with the texts that need to be translated.
  3. You send me the translated texts.
  4. I include the translations to my web site and send you a test link to the translated site.
  5. You tell me if it is OK and if everithing works fine.
  6. I put the translation on the production server and that means that it is already visible to the whole world. I also put your name under the Credits for the translation to that language.
If you agree, please send me an e-mail to translate@mihov.com with as many details as you can!

When translating a description of a program try to include as many features of the program as you can. The best way of translating a description is really writing your own. Or a review of the software, if you want. Usually that tells to the user more than just a description made by the author. Try to form it in the way that you won't have to change it with a new version of the software.

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