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Page translated by: Miha Psenica
Program description translated by: Miha Psenica
Program translated by: Miha Psenica
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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 0.6
Date: 21.9.2003
Size: 206 kB
Downloads: 56.936
Category: HTML address Utilities
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

Mihov Program No 14 is used for transforming text files to hypertext files. This is useful when you have a text file containing URLs or web addresses. The program can add 'www', 'http://' or custom text to each line of text before saving the links so you can get a valid file with links.

It's features are very limited which gives it the power of being simple. The screen shot is in Slovenian language, but the program user interface is available in English as well - just click the bold "Eng" button.

The program is small in size, very easy to use and it needs no installation. Just download the zip file and you're ready to run the program. I suggest you copy the program to your "Program Files" folder (usually found on c: drive). And that is all!

Yes, it has a funny name, but there's a reason for that as well :)

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Link Size Status
mpno14.zip 206 kB Server offline

mpno14.zip is a zip archive file that needs no installation.


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