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Page translated by: Miha Psenica
Program description translated by: Miha Psenica
Program translated by: Miha Psenica
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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 0.5
Date: 17.8.2003
Size: 221 kB
Downloads: 61.378
Category: Web Development, WWW, Web site maintainance, Automation
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

Mihov Website Merger is a program for inexperienced web developers who need to be able to update large sites with ease (sites that have many pages). The program compiles parts of a web site together to a single set of HTML files. This brings the power of dynamic web sites by using simple HTML with no server side support (no PHP or ASP needed).

For example, you have a set of pages that have the top part (header), main part, and lower part (footer). All you have to do is you slice your files to header, footer, and several centre files. When you need to change the footer of all files, you change it only once and run Mihov Website Merger on the files. The files will be updated and will automatically reflect the changes. This way the updating of the site gets easier and will not be a burden anymore.

Sure, you can achieve this easier by using scripts or server-side extentions, but sometines running this is not possible. Have in mind why plain HTML created by Mihov Website Merger can be better:
  • Since the files created are usually ordinary HTML files (but that's not necessary) you don't need to have a web hosting provider that supports script languages and/or server extensions. This is good because the service provider might charge you less if you don't use all that fancy stuff.
  • If you change the hosting provider you will have to set up the same environment as you've had with the existing provider or the pages won't work. If you use plain HTML with Mihov Website Merger this won't happen.
  • Because you don't use script/server languages you don't have to learn them at all.
  • Older browsers have better support for plain HTML then script languages. By using plain HTML your site can reach more users (in some cases).
You can take a look at this simple example to better understand what the output of the program is. This example was creating by combining five files: header.html, footer.html, and three centre files. The output is just the three combined files.

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Link Size Status
Download Mihov Website Merger webmerger.exe 221 kB Server offline
webmerger.zip 155 kB Server offline

webmerger.exe is a setup file that comes with install and uninstall support.
webmerger.zip is a zip archive file that needs no installation.


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