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Program translated by: Miha Psenica
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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 1.5
Date: 23.5.2009
Size: 376 kB
Downloads: 1.585.140
Category: Internet utilities, Download managers, Automation
Screen Shot
Online help
Licence: Free

Do you want to download a lot of pictures from one page, but you don't want to click every thumbnail or link to that picture, and then save it? Mihov Picture Downloader is exactly what you need.

It scans a page that you specify for each and every picture, that is linked from that page. Then it displays all pictures found and you can select only the pictures, that you would like to have downloaded. One click and download of all pictures starts. It's that easy!

The program can even download images from behind the firewall, using the proxy host settings. Mihov Picture Downloader can even download graphics from password protected sites (but you still need the password).

In this new version even more html is supported, time outs are treated different, 100% CPU bug is fixed and download path is selectable. You can also choose to preview pictures as they are downloaded.

The program is easy to use and it has step-by-step instuctions for every click you make. In no more then five steps you will have your pictures on your hard drive, with no extra clicking! You can grab all graphics from one page instantly! Extensive help file is also available.

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Link Size Status
Download Mihov Picture Downloader pd.exe 376 kB Server offline
pd.zip 308 kB Server offline

pd.exe is a setup file that comes with install and uninstall support.
pd.zip is a zip archive file that needs no installation.



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