Productivity software from Miha's utilities

With our free software you can see how much free space is left on your drive as it decreases, you can extend Windows clipboard to include many text items instead of just one, cout the characters in specific short texts and manipulate text files easily.

Our programs run on any 32 or 64 bit Windows environment, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Mihov DiskFree

Simple utility that shows the amount of free space on your hard disks. It updates the information every second (or as you set it), so you won't be surprised when you'll capture sound or video next time and stay without free disk space.

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Mihov Info Saver

This utility is very useful to save a small amount of text (like a bunch of Post-It notes), when the clipboard just isn't practical enough. The saved text stays there even after a crash!

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Mihov stevec crk

A simple but effective character and lines counter that works with one-line or multi-line texts.

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Mihov Program No.14

This simple program adds the same text to each line of a text file, eg http:// or www. or something similar.

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