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The first and oldest part of our development are shareware, freeware and custom programs. They are basically simple desktop utilities that solve problems that people have and aren't able to solve or don't know how to solve. Our added value here is to optimize processes, find simple solutions to what look likes complex problems and to implement those solutions.

The second part of development is web development. Promoting our software on-line got us a lot of knowledge of the internet, internet users, and their behaviour. After more than 10 years online, we now run several international and national (Slovenian) web sites with several thousand visitors daily. We have extensive knowledge of languages and technologies like HTML, Javascript and Ajax, CSS, PHP, XML, MySQL and Apache. Using knowledge of technologies and knowledge of users together is very useful for creating simple but effective websites, a little more complex web applications and promoting them online and getting visitors, traffic and/or leads.

At present the company employs two full time workers and we're working together with three part time co-workers. We tend to do what we know best, what we find interesting and what our customers need. What makes us different is that we can learn business rules fast and can adopt to new environments with ease.

Our recent achievements include development of an on-line book shop (that is now successfully running exclusively by us), development of an information system for Slovenian research institute and successfully optimizing several web sites for search engine results.

Previously we have implemented a web application for a company sports club of 500 people: members can can sign into their account or apply for membership, sign-up for events or activities, admin has a nice member profile browser/filter, and can manage members, activities and events. The application is running without any major problems for almost two years now and we've done several feature upgrades since.
Among other products we've done a web site for a kitchen studio in Ljubljana, a tourist agency web site and online ordering procedures with back office, specialized web application integration with mobile payments, desktop application for ordering printed photos (for a photo studio), online directory of Slovenian companies, online directory of Slovenian domain names, several web portals, and more. See the section web development of this site for more details.

Company Mihov.com is situated in Slovenia in Central Europe. We're sure you'll find our services professional and a great value for money. We're looking forward on our successful cooperation.

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