Web promotion and search engine optimization

Make your site and your product visible to your potential clients!

Thinking about the users of your web site as potential clients is crucial at the early stage of the planning phase of your web site development process. We believe that good search engine rankings can be achieved fairly easily if you think about it early enough. Your web site should be well organized and structured, grammatically correct, informational and interesting to visitors. After the on-site optimization is done, you should do non-aggressive off-site promotion and web advertising. Most important, set your goals before starting any optimization!

The process of web promotion in our company is fairly simple, straight forward and effective: first we do the research, then we optimize web site logic and user processes, then on-site corrections and optimizations are done, then off-site promotions, optimally together with online advertising. Repeat the process as needed for guaranteed results.

Web site analysis

web site analysis We will look at the purpose of your web site, evaluate its structure, its source code compliancy and language. We will identify and evaluate your greatest competition on the web. Then we will evaluate current rankings and search engine positions of your web site. We will help you identify main keywords for optimization.
In the 5 to 10 pages long written report we will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your site and suggest the approach and needed changes to start both on-site optimization and off-site promotion.

On-site optimization

SEO optimization In order to do on-site optimization for your site we will need access to the source code of your site. We will make sure the selected keywords are correctly used, that the necessary tags are present and well written, that the internal linking is established correctly, that the site is well structured for the visitors and the search engine crawlers. We will fix the inconsistencies and create your site friendly for its visitors. We will submit your web site to a basic set of search engines to be crawled.


Off-site promotion

web promotion We will do extensive search engine submission and create valid sitemaps for your site. We will help you create organic links and establish a process of growing the link base. We will suggest on what kinds of paid promotion (if any) to use for your site.

Web advertising

web advertising We will create online advertising campaigns and text ads for your site, service or product. By advertising on AdWords (Google, Gmail, Maps,...), Facebook, MySpace and local AdPartner and Httpool Adplatform in Slovenia you can boost the number of visitors on your site. We will suggest the best ad targeting and will actively monitor and adjust the campaigns, ads and keywords for your site to get the most out of online advertising. We can also offer AdWords coupons for free advertising to our new clients.

Google AdWords Certified

adwords qualified Our professionals are Google AdWords Certified for passing both the Google Advertising Fundamentials and Search Advertising Advanced exams. When you hire us for managing your web advertising campaigns you know you're hiring professionals with great knowledge and experience.
Also, as Google qualified, for a limited time we may be able to offer AdWords coupons for free advertising on Google and display network.



pricing Our services are done professionally and are great value for money. If you would like to become one of our satisfied customers contact us for a quote and send us as much information about the desired service as you can. You will receive a quote with a price to the provided e-mail address.