Miha's utilities software listing (German)
This is only a partial listing of all the programs from Miha's utilities group. I have compiled it as a result of a project to make as many localized descriptions of my programs as possible.
Go to https://www.mihov.com/eng/ for the complete listing of the programs and their descriptions.

Descriptions in language: German (de)
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Mihov Active 800x600
ver 4.0, released 2016-08-15
Mihov ASCII Master
ver 2.0, released 2000-10-31
Mihov Background Tester
ver 0.6, released 2005-12-04
Mihov Blank Screen (only in English)
ver 1.5, released 2012-04-08
Mihov Code View
ver 1.11, released 1999-02-16
Mihov DiskFree
ver 2.4, released 2003-05-20
Mihov DPI2Pixel Calculator
ver 2.0, released 2004-01-27
Mihov EXIF Renamer (only in English)
ver 3.0, released 2006-09-23
Mihov Gallery Creator
ver 0.9.2, released 2002-03-20
Mihov Image Resizer
ver 1.2, released 2009-01-04
Mihov Index Maker
ver 1.50, released 2002-09-11
Mihov Info Saver (only in English)
ver 0.3, released 2002-10-23
Mihov IP King
ver 0.1, released 2003-08-31
Mihov JPEGar
ver 2.5, released 2002-11-12
Mihov Link Checker (only in English)
ver 0.5, released 2004-09-11
Mihov Mail Sender (only in English)
ver 0.8, released 2006-07-21
Mihov NSIS Helper (only in English)
ver 3.3, released 2005-11-28
Mihov Picture Downloader
ver 1.5, released 2009-05-23
Mihov Program No.14
ver 0.6, released 2003-09-21
Mihov stevec crk (only in English)
ver 4.0, released 2009-03-29
Mihov Website Merger
ver 0.5, released 2003-08-17
Touch Paint (only in English)
ver 1.0, released 2012-03-06

If you would like to contribute and translate some of the missing descriptions of the programs to your language please don't hesitate! You can send me an e-mail or see the Translation centre for details.
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