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Miha's utilities is a set of more than 20 home made first class freeware and shareware tools for work and fun.
In the more than 15-year ongoing development many programs have been released and accepted by the public. Some of the programs, including Mihov Image Resizer, Mihov Picture Downloader, and Mihov Mail Sender have been reviewed in printed and online magazines and are highly valued by their users. Since the beginning of the development in 1997 my programs have been downloaded more than four million times, vastly raising in 2009. Most popular programs work with graphics, digital photography and internet and try to automate simple everyday tasks.
In order to see the program descriptions please select the program and language from the list. I thank all the human translators for their translations as well as Google for their automated translations. Go to Miha's utilities web site at https://www.mihov.com/eng/ for the complete listing of the programs and their descriptions in English language. Also see the web site of my software company that I've created back in 2008 and now runs the programs.

  English Slovenian German Croatian French Greek Polish Portuguese (Brasil) Romanian Russian Slovak Spanish Ukrainian
Mihov Active 800x600 a8 a8 a8 a8a8a8a8a8a8 a8a8 a8a8
Mihov ASCII Master am am am amamam amamam amam amam
Mihov Background Tester bt bt bt btbtbt btbtbt bt bt btbt
Mihov Blank Screen bs bs bsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbs bsbs
Mihov Code View cv cv cv cvcvcvcvcvcv cvcv cvcv
Mihov DiskFree df df df dfdfdf dfdfdfdf df dfdf
Mihov DPI2Pixel Calculator dc dc dc dcdcdcdc dcdcdcdc dcdc
Mihov EXIF Renamer er er ererererer erer erererer
Mihov Gallery Creator gc gc gc gcgc gc gcgc gc gcgc gc gc
Mihov Image Resizer ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir
Mihov Index Maker im im im imimimimimimimim imim
Mihov Info Saver is is isisisisisisis isis isis
Mihov IP King ik ik ik ikikikikikik ikik ikik
Mihov JPEGar jp jp jp jpjp jp jpjpjp jp jp jp jp
Mihov Link Checker lc lc lclclclclclclclclc lclc
Mihov Mail Sender ms ms msmsms ms msmsms ms ms ms ms
Mihov NSIS Helper nh nhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnh
Mihov Picture Downloader pd pd pd pd pd pdpd pd pd pd pd pd pd
Mihov Program No.14 14 14 14 1414141414141414 1414
Mihov stevec crk sc sc scscscscscscscscscscsc
Mihov Website Merger wm wm wm wmwmwm wmwmwmwm wm wmwm
Touch Paint tp tptptptptptptptptptptptp

Translated with the help of Google automatic translation system
  Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French Hindi Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Portuguese Swedish
Mihov Active 800x600 a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8a8
Mihov ASCII Master amamamamamamamamamamamamamamamam
Mihov Background Tester btbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbt
Mihov Blank Screen bsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbs
Mihov Code View cvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcv
Mihov DiskFree dfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf
Mihov DPI2Pixel Calculator dcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdc
Mihov EXIF Renamer erererererererererererererererer
Mihov Gallery Creator gcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgcgc
Mihov Image Resizer iriririririririririririririririr
Mihov Index Maker imimimimimimimimimimimimimimimim
Mihov Info Saver isisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis
Mihov IP King ikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik
Mihov JPEGar jpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjp
Mihov Link Checker lclclclclclclclclclclclclclclclc
Mihov Mail Sender msmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsms
Mihov NSIS Helper nhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnh
Mihov Picture Downloader pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpd
Mihov Program No.14 14141414141414141414141414141414
Mihov stevec crk scscscscscscscscscscscscscscscsc
Mihov Website Merger wmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwmwm
Touch Paint tptptptptptptptptptptptptptptptp

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If you would like to contribute and translate some of the missing descriptions of the programs to your language please don't hesitate! You can send me an e-mail or see the Translation centre for details.
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