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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 1.0
Date: 6.3.2012
Size: 312 kB
Downloads: 96
Category: Windows 8 tablets
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

Touch Paint is a cute little app that I have developed while playing with Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my ExoPC tablet computer. The use of the app is really easy - just run it and start drawing with your fingers! The colors will change randomly and so will the brush thickness. In this first version you can clear the canvas and start drawing again on a blank one, but you can't save the drawing.

Currently the only download is the exe file with no setup or installation (none needed).
Setup instructions: Download the program and save it (for example, on desktop). Run it, and when Windows asks (warns) you that the file was downloaded and may not be trusted click Read more and select Run anyway. You'll have to do this only the first time you run the program.

The program can also be run on a device with no touch capabilites (like your computer with a mouse), but it's not that much fun!

See Touch Paint in action in this video on Youtube

Please nothe that this is not a Metro app! It runs in desktop mode.

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