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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 3.3
Date: 28.11.2005
Size: 231 kB
Downloads: 90.120
Category: Installers
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

I am a freeware author and I used to use Inno Setup for creating setup files of my applications. But my little programs are usually less than 300 KB in size so adding a huge overhead made their size double. That's why I decided to try Nullsoft Install System - or short NSIS.

I am very pleased with the results (and the overhead is less than 50 KB), but the one thing that was missing was an easy way to make the script files. NSIS does not have a GUI (graphical user interface) so you have to do everything in Notepad or another editor. So I played arround with all the features the program has (and it has really a lot of them) and I created a GUI software that can make an installation very similar to the one that Inno Setup creates just by clicking. The graphics and the size are different, of course, but the installation logic is the same.

And because I am the author of several programs and a bit lazy I didn't want to make scripts for each program separately, so I rather wrote a GUI for NSIS (and called it Mihov NSIS Helper). This is really just a tool that I needed but I am giving it away anyway - in my fifteen years of developing freeware programs I have discovered that there are a lot of people that have the same problems as me and my solutions can help them also! So don't laugh - this tool is not perfect nor is it beautiful or uses all the features of NSIS. No, this is really for beginners or for lazy guys that want great installations but don't want to learn another script language. And, of course, I have to add that NSIS Helper might not work for you, since it is tested on several computers by one man - but through many years :) However, it comes with no support.

The development of NSIS has continued and they have provided the option to incude modern interface for the created setup file. Therefore I have made two versions of Mihov NSIS helper available. One creates standard NSIS installation, the second one creates an installation with modern style. If you need the program to create the "old" install, contact me for the link. The version downlodable from this page created the modern interface by default.

All the files are also a demonstration of what Mihov NSIS Helper can do - the installation script was done with them.

The program will create the script by its own. However, if you plan to use the script and compile it to a working installation, you will need NSIS from Nullsoft. If you don't have it you can get it from this page:
The latest version of the program works with latest version of NSIS, which is at the time of writing 2.46 (as of March 2012). It's suggested to use the latest version of Mihov NSIS Helper with the latest versions of NSIS System.

  • this program is freeware: that means you can use it free of charge and give it to your friends so they can use it
  • I (the author) take no responsibility whatsoever
  • I guess this is not the final version yet (because NSIS modern theme changes all the time)
  • I give NO SUPPORT for this program at this time!
  • if you want to comment the program please use the online forum at https://forum.mihov.com - use the "Other utilities" page!

Additional notes:
  • the "icon" field is disabled by default because the icon sizes and numbers of colors complicate things a bit
  • if you leave your mouse over the fields a tool tip will appear and try to explain you what you should do
  • the program is not idiot-proof so don't try anything stupid or something I wouldn't do

One more note (if you're not tired of them yet):

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Link Size Status
Download Mihov NSIS Helper nsis3_gui.exe 231 kB Server offline

nsis3_gui.exe is a setup file that comes with install and uninstall support.


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