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  Quick facts
Screen Shot Version: 3.0
Date: 23.9.2006
Size: 271 kB
Downloads: 95.039
Category: Photo Software, Image Applications, Picture Organizers
Screen Shot
Licence: Free

Mihov EXIF Renamer is used to sort images from different cameras in the order they were taken. That can sometimes be a problem: several friends or family members go to a trip or holidays together and they all have their own digital camera with them. When they return, they want to join the pictures together. But here comes the shock: one camera has named the pictured DSCNxxx, the other DSCFxxx, yet another Paxxx... If they want to sort the photos the way they would be in order they were taken, they have a lot of hours of manual work in front of them. And here is where Mihov EXIF Renamer (or better, Mihov Photo Sorter!) comes in. All you have to do is tell the program where the photos are and where to put them with the new name. One click for all the images in a folder.

Digital photos include some extra data behing the photo (EXIF info), and this data includes information on the time when the photo was taken. Great news! And Mihov EXIF Renamer can use this information to change the filename of the photos. If you add the date and the time when the photo was taken, then all the photos will be in the right order, not important by which camera they were taken! Simple idea, great impact (almost magic in comparison to manual work).

But the program is even smarter. If the camera's time was wrong or if you have forgotten to change the time zone then the program can compensate for this change as well. Just select the time you want to add and everything will be under control again.
If from some reason there is no capture time in the photo then the file creation time can be used.

The user selects which information will be added to the file name. You can select each or any of the following: year, month, day, hour, minute, second and the original photo file name . It is possible to add custom prefix and suffix to the output photo name. And even better, while you select the desired options, you can see alive preview of the future photo name.

Practical use of the program: Two friends go to a party. They both take pictures with their own camera (two cameras). To be able to join all the pictures in one album, you need to sort them by time they were taken. This is where Mihov EXIF Renamer jumps in and saves the day.

Practical use No.2: You go to trip to Europe and forget to change the time because of the time zone difference (but your friend doesn't). Again, Mihov EXIF Renamer can rename the pictures and add or subtract the missing hours to the file name. And another day is saved.

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Download Mihov EXIF Renamer exif_renamer.exe 271 kB Server offline
EXIFRenamer.zip 203 kB Server offline

exif_renamer.exe is a setup file that comes with install and uninstall support.
EXIFRenamer.zip is a zip archive file that needs no installation.


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