Mihov JPEGar

Help for version 2.5

Contents of this file:

  1. Using the program
    1. Accessing the main menu
    2. Seting the language
    3. Viewing the pictures
    4. Starting slideshow
    5. Shrinking images to fit window
    6. Zooming
    7. Moving the image
    8. Printing
    9. Setting properties
    10. Command line usage
    11. Other features
  2. Questions
  4. Registering the program
    1. Purchasing online
    2. Purchasing by mail
    3. Unlocking the program
  5. Updates
  6. Translating the program

Using the program

Accessing the main menu
The main menu can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere in the program.
The menu will open and you can click on any sub item you desire. Note the shortcuts right to the item description: they can be used to access any sub menu fast and only by using keyboard. These shortcuts exist:

About the program
Shrink to fit
Open program properties window
Open Print dialog
Start or end slideshow
Exit the program
Refresh file list
Zoom in
Zoom out

Seting the language
You can change the language of the program user interface by selecting the item 'Language' from the main menu. Select your favorite language from the sub menu. Currently, these languages are supported: English (default), Slovenian,
German, and Slovak.

To add your own language to the program please use the 'Language' menu item and select 'Add your own language on line'. A web page will open where you will be able to translate all the expressions from the program to your language. Your translation will be aded to the next version of the program. Note: this feature will not be available until the next version is out. Read more at the Translating the program section of this document.

Viewing the pictures

Viewing the pictures is really easy and can be done in these simple steps:
  1. Select a folder with the images. The image list will open under the folder list.
  2. Select proper filter for file names. The default is set to all supported graphic formats. If you don't know what this means just leave as is.
  3. Click on any image once and the image will open in the left window.
  4. To see another image click another file name or move with your cursor keys up and down the list.

Starting slideshow
First select the folder that contains the images you want to see as slideshow. Then open main menu and select 'Start Slideshow' from the list. The slideshow will automatically start.
You can stop the slideshow by repeating the same steps that start the slideshow. The slideshow will also stop if you press any key when viewing the pictures. Moving the image with the mouse won't stop the slideshow.

See Setting properties for more details about setting slideshow time and order in which the images will be displayed.

Shrinking images to fit window
If an image is too large to fit the screen the option to Fit the image comes in very handy. Open the main menu and select 'Shrink to fit'. The image will be shrunk so you will be able to see the whole image on screen. The setting will stay on for all the images you'll open after activating it. You can disable it by repeating the steps that turn it on.
Note: sometimes shrniking an image can decrease the viewing quality of the image.

It is possible to zoom the image in or out. You can do that by pressing the '+' or '-' keys on your keyboard or with 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' menu. The images will be zoomed in steps of 1.5. If you want to reset the zoom setting just click on the image name once more.

Moving the image
If you want to move the image on screen you can 'grab' it with mouse. You'll notice a hand mouse cursor when moving over an image. Left click on the image and don't release the mouse button. When still holding it move the mouse and observe how the image is moved. You can reset the image position by clicking on the image file name once more.

If you want to print the image use the 'Print...' option from the main menu. A standard print dialog will open where you can set the desired print settings.

Setting properties
To set the program properties select the 'Properties' item from the main menu. A new window will open that will allow you to specify default slideshow settings, shrink to fit settings, and starting folder settings. After you have set the settings be sure to press the 'Save settings' button so the setting will be loaded the next time you run the program.

If you have played with the setting too much and you don't know what they should be press the 'Load defaults' button. It will load the pre-programmed settings for you.

Command line usage
You can load images by runnng ther program from command line. Use this example:
  JPEGar.exe "c:\My Pictures\picture.jpg"
where first you write the name (and path) of the program and then one parameter - the file name (and path) of the image file. Use double quotes for long filenasmes.

Other features

You can find answers to your questions in the on-line forum located at http://forum.mihov.com.

You can download the latest version of the program from the programs web page located at http://www.mihov.com/eng/jp.html.
If you would like to try some great freeware programs written by me, check my freeware web page at http://freeware.mihov.com.

Registering the program

Mihov JPEGar is Shareware. This means that you can download and install the program for testing purposes. You may use the program for 30 days free of charge. After this time you must register or uninstall the program.

Purchasing online
You can register the program directly from the program menu. Open main menu by right-clicking anywhere in the program and select 'About'. A new window will open where you select the 'Shareware' tab. Click on the 'Buy now' image once and your web browser will open and th epurchase page will be displayed. The system operates on a secure which means that sending any information, including your credit-card number, is safe. The web application will guide you through the ordering process. Be sure that you enter all the data correct.  Make sure that your e-mail address is correct because this is where you'll receive your password to unlock the program.
When the processing company (SWREG) will process your credit card and when the payment will be done you will be sent a keycode to th ee-mail address you specified. You can proceed by unlocking the program.

Purchasing by mail
If you do not trust internet transactions or if you don't have a credit card you can still order the program. You can find order form by opening the main menu by right-clicking anywhere in the program and selecting 'About'. A new window will open where you select the 'Help' tab. Click on the 'Open mail order form' nad the form will be opened in Notepad. Fill out the form with block letters, print it out and send it with cash or cheques to my address. You will find the address in the file itself.
When I receive your order I will send you the registered program by e-mail or by air mail on CD.

Unlocking the program
When you receive a password (keycode) for unlocking the program you can register it. Open main menu by right-clicking anywhere in the program and select the 'About' menu item. A new window will open where you select the 'Shareware' tab. See the section 'Unlock the program: you will see a text box and a button. You have to type the kexcode to the text box. Make sure that you type the code exactly the same as it is in your confirmation e-mail. The best way to do that is to copy and paste the code. When you've written the code click the 'register' button. If the code is correct the program will be registered and will stop showing the Shareware notice when you first run it.

I have a list of users e-mail addresses and when a new version or update comes out I send everyone a short note. If you want to subscribe to the list go to http://www.mihov.com/eng/jp.html and enter your real e-mail address.
If you want to check if you are using the latest version of the program check the programs web page or visit the update center at http://update.mihov.com.

Translating the program
If your language is not already included with this version of the program and you would like to see it in the next version go to the Translation Centre and make your own translation. I will review all the translations I get for possible inclusion in the next version. Your name will be included in the program.

Note: Online translation was not yet possible at the time the help file was written. Please see the online version of this document for any news.

© Miha Pšenica 2002 - 2008
Updated: 22.6.2008